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Caught in a Jam

Last night, my wife and I headed down to the High Noon Saloon to see Vampire Weekend in concert. There are very few bands we can agree on, so I was happy we could finally go see a show together. The show barely lasted an hour, which was fine with her, since she's usually in bed by 10:00. It was really nice to have a little "alone time."

Rewind to about a month ago, when I was at a bar to see a friend of mine who had come into town for a day. A bunch of his friends got together to celebrate his return. In the midst of the evening, I ended up talking to two nice girls with whom I shared a common friend. (These two were among a host of both males and females I ended up meeting that night.)

After the show last night, my wife and I are walking to our car, and of course - we bump into these two girls. I couldn't remember their names, but one of them said, "Chris... right?" I immediately sensed trouble.

What followed was perhaps the most awkward attempt ever of introducing people to your wife.

"Hey, Honey... these are some girls... uhhhhh..... that I met in a bar. Girls that I met in a bar, this is my wife."

Fortunately, I think all involved recognized the weirdness, and had a good laugh. Although I have a little pain in my neck for being forced to sleep on the couch.