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Brothas Keepin' it Real

You may have heard that I was on a TV show (primarily because I won't shut up about it) last week. One of my fellow panelists, Mikel Holt, also writes a column for the Milwaukee Community Journal, a paper targeted for Milwaukee's black community.

Last week, he wrote a wildly entertaining column that attempted to describe African American males' (or "the brothas," as Holt calls them) true feelings about black women. Holt interviewed pastors, barbers, and guys in clubs to come up with his observations - and they're all worth a read.

  • "The truth of the matter is, if you dress like a whore or hoochie mama, we assume you’re telling us only one thing: I’m available for a good time, but not for a long-term relationship." (Ed. Note - I much prefer hoochie mamas to whores.)
  • "(We) ain’t your baby’s daddy, or the last brother you dated!!! Don’t generalize about us, and definitely don’t compare us to the thug or sperm donor who broke your heart, or disappeared as soon as you announced your pregnancy. Why were you laying with a thug to begin with? Show some respect for yourself; you’re more than a sexual object; you’re more than a body."
  • "Sisters say they want a strong man, but engage in an ongoing war over who heads the household. I’m a pacifist. Why go through a life long war?"
  • "What’s the difference between a White woman and Black one? You can have an argument with a White woman and it ends at the front door. It may resume after work, but she will still kiss you and say have a nice day. A sister will follow you to work, push your boss out the way and cuss you out on your job. And then cuss you out again after you get fired."
Read the rest here.