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Blog Summit Wrapup

I attended the Wispolitics Blog Summit II yesterday, and had a good time meeting a lot of the people I had only gotten a chance to know via e-mail. I got the chance to chat with Rick Esenberg (my favorite), Terrence Berres, James Wigderson, Steve Eggleston, Owen Robinson, Amy Kant, Jo Egelhoff, Jay Bullock, Aaron Kreel, and a few other members of the Cheddarsphere. I apologize for leaving early, but I had to sneak out after the "Legalities of Blogging" section.

As for the actual presentations, I agree with Rick that they were a little self-referential. I don't know that anything was covered that hasn't been discussed over and over again on blogs themselves. But it really is a good event in that it gave me an excuse to get together and meet people I had met on the internet in person, without Chris Hansen of "Dateline NBC" in attendance (for a change).

My favorite part of the presentations was when Ed Garvey singled out the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (my employer) as the root of all evil in society. I can't wait to hear what he says when he finds out we keep a basement full of 7-year old Korean girls chained to typewriters to write my columns for me.