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Catholics Can't Catch a Break

By now, you've probably heard about the ad for San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair, which mocks the Last Supper by substituting sex toys in the place of bread and wine. Needless to say, Catholic groups are outraged, especially at Miller Brewing for sponsoring the event.

It's no secret that the extreme end of the political left wing doesn't particularly have a soft spot for Catholicism. But a friend of mine pointed out something almost as bizarre from the extreme right.

Some of the extreme evangelical Christian groups passionately dislike Catholics. They refer to the Pope as the "Minister of Satan." Often times, they create publications to hand out to make this point. In fact, one website urges parents... and I am not kidding... to drop some of the little cartoon books (called "tracts") into trick or treaters' bags on Halloween.
Here's an example of a "tract" called "Man in Black." It depicts a Catholic priest who is talked out of his religion by some shady, mustachioed bald guy. These selected cartoons refer to the Catholic religion as "the Great Whore," claim that "Vatican City controls the wealth of the world," and say that "Mary was Satan's masterpiece to control his religious slaves."

So have a peek at what could be ending up in your kids' candy bags this Halloween:

Man, and I thought getting Almond Joys in my bag was a bummer.

So, joined by their mutual dislike for Catholics, maybe the militant gay groups and these nutty Evangelicals can get together and join forces. But I would recommend they don't do it at the International Conference on Homo-Fascism.