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An Unfortunate Choice of Words

In an effort to not be so fat, I have been using a one week free pass to the Princeton health club here in Madison. I showed up today at lunch to work out, but realized I had lost my pass.

I told the girl behind the counter that she could probably look me up in the computer. She searched for me, but couldn't find my name. At that point, I saw the employee that I met with to get the pass, and blurted out this unfortunate phrase:

"There he is - that's the guy that entered me!"

At which point his eyes got big and he scowled at me. I then realized what I had said. I think it's possible that the dozens of health club patrons milling about didn't hear it, but not likely.

In other news, the Princeton Club has failed miserably in its attempt to make me skinnier after three visits. I also determined running on a treadmill is a lot harder when people are watching you. Especially since you can't eat a ham sandwich on their treadmills.