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Rock, Chalk

So within the same week, my sister gets home from Iraq and her alma mater, the Kansas Jayhawks, win the national championship. Not bad.

More importantly, I picked Kansas to win when I filled out my bracket, which was the only thing I managed to do right. After two rounds, I was ranked 92nd in a pool of 104 teams. With the KU win tonight, I finished a respectable 26th - although dead last among people who picked Kansas to win.

And while Derrick Rose is probably crushed at the Memphis loss tonight, just imagine how excited he'll be later in the year when he's drafted by the Bucks.

(Actually, I take that back - someone might want to make sure there aren't any sharp objects near him on draft night.)

Oh, and Billy Packer is still an insufferable prick. That's just a little bonus observation.