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Big Fat News Afoot

As I've been connecting with more and more people from my past recently, I've found it frustrating that I have to direct them to about 5 different places if they want to read the stuff I've written. There's this blog, the old DY blog, my work blog, work columns, reports, TV appearances, etc. (Strangely, nobody ever asks me to be on their shows - I just show up.)

So I have taken it upon myself to combine everything into one uber-blog, which will now be my primary active blog - 'ol Atomic Trousers is closing its doors - although everything from this blog and all the others will be archived on the new one.

So head on over there and update your bookmarks. If you're nice enough to have me on your feed reader, the new feed url is:


I'm still bleary-eyed trying to get everything set up just right, so there may still be a lot of kinks to work out. I'll be doing so in the next few days. But until then, enjoy the new digs!

-Webmaster Bates

UPDATE: My first post is up over at the new shop.