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New Strategy for Israel

Some of you may remember my post about perennial Madison mayoral candidate and noted crazy person Will Sandstrom at the old blog. Well, someone sent me his blog, complete with a 33,000 word post - so make yourself a sandwich, sit down, and enjoy! Oh, and keep in mind - 2.6% of voters in Madison voted for this guy.

I have a broader question, though. Why is it that all crazy people are against the Jews? You never hear any lunatics sing the praises of Israel before they start pouring thousand island dressing down their pants. For some reason, once you become completely unhinged, it's always some "Zionist plot."

What I think the national Jewish groups need to do is to begin to reach out to America's crazy people to turn the tide back in their favor. A little PR couldn't hurt. Just think - with a couple thousand mini-bottles of Wild Turkey, they can have America's street people yelling pro-Israel slogans on our street corners.