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Go Get Your Sykes Book

I went to the Madison West Side Barnes and Noble today to pick up Charlie Sykes' book that came out today (The 50 Rules Kids Won't Learn in School), and they were sold out. So was the Hilldale Borders. Finally, the Hilldale University Bookstore had a copy, but mainly because nobody actually shops at Hilldale.

So go get your copy, or order it online. I haven't read much of it yet - I'm leaving that to the Andrew Bogut bobblehead in my office.

And congrats to local Wisconsin bloggers who show up in the book - Lance Burri, Rick Esenberg, and Tom McMahon. I'm not in it, but I will take full credit for the book's Jessica Alba reference on Page 12. Fortunately, readers consider me Wisconsin's foremost "Albatist," so they send me pictures of her shopping without a bra on, etc.

Somehow, I don't think this post is going to make it on to the dust cover of subsequent editions.

Anyway, go out and get your copy or order it online. Don't be a cheap ass and check it out at the library.