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Curt Schilling Would Pitch for the Brewers

On Curt Schilling's personal blog, he has written a post where he discusses his impending free agency. In it, he expresses a desire to go to a team that has "a legitimate shot at being in the post season and/or World Series." The Brewers are on that list.

It's true, Schilling is getting old - but he proved in the playoffs that he can shut other good teams down. Who knows if he can do it for a full season. He has said he's looking for something in the one-year, $13 million range.

This begs a larger discussion of what the Brewers plan on doing in the offseason. They have a little money to spend - dumping Geoff Jenkins nets them $9 million. Kevin Mench being gone saves $3 million. Getting rid of Corey Koskie saves them $2 million - his salary was over $5 million, but the Blue Jays were still picking up the majority of that.

Since the end of last year, I've been thinking a lot about what Torii Hunter would look like in a Brewer uniform. It seems like money-wise, they could make that happen. Hart in right, Hunter in Center, and some kind of platoon of Gross, Nix, and Hall in left would be ideal. And I still like Gwynn.

Although if some team goes crazy over Hunter and outbids the Brewers, I can see Schilling as a decent option. He may be able to prevent the team from completely collapsing when Ben Sheets' arm inevitably falls off in August.

Either way, it's nice to see Milwaukee get the love it deserves from the game's stars.