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My New Law Suggestion

Apparently there were fireworks on my street this morning, as a man and a woman, both drunk, pulled their car over outside my house and started yelling at each other. I, of course, slept through all of this. The arguing got so loud, several neighborhood families called the cops.

From my neighbors' accounts, the police showed up, and weren't able to charge either of the individuals with drunk driving - even though both were belligerently drunk and they had clearly just pulled up. Apparently, since the police couldn't determine who was driving, they couldn't charge either of them with driving under the influence, instead charging them with disturbing the peace.

This seems a little odd to me - people are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving all the time, as in cases when someone causes an accident and drives off. I haven't checked the state statutes, but is there really nothing they could have been charged with? Couldn't there be a law that applies equal blame to two drunkards in the same car if it can't be determined who was actually driving?

This seems like a no-brainer law. So all the Capitol people that read this blog - get to it. Does this mean I have to register with the state ethics board if I lobby for my new law?

Oh, and if the fine young lady in the car feels like coming to pick up the shoes she threw at her companion, they're still here on the curb: